Porsche 964 Carrera 4 RST - 1990

Porsche 964 Carrera 4 RST
Porsche 964 RST Projekt

This Porsche 964 Coupé originally came from 1990 as a Carrera 4 from the USA. With less than 150,000 km on the clock and, in our opinion, no accidents, the coupe formed the perfect basis for an outlaw conversion.

The vehicle was completely dismantled and prepared for a full restoration. The body was widened in steel and all attachments were adjusted. The next steps already take place in the paint shop. We are happy to provide you with our in-house outlaw configurator for the conception and visualization of your ideas, with which you can put together your dream outlaw. As if you were ordering a new car.

With this vehicle, all specifications can still be freely selected, from the exterior color to interior materials, seats, rims, engine (regardless of whether it is overhauled, increased performance to 3.8L with around 330hp, or continue to use the well-maintained standard unit) and transmission.

A restoration project including completion in our halls is sold here. We would be happy to talk about the possibilities in our Appointment Hall in Parndorf.

Due to the current legal situation in Austria, we only recommend this vehicle to people who are aiming for an outlaw license outside of Austria.

Heinzel RST Umbau
Heinzel RST Umbau
783 - Heinzel RST 4
783 - Heinzel RST 3
783 - Heinzel RST 2
783 - Heinzel RST 1
Heinzel RST Umbau
Heinzel RST Umbau
Heinzel RST Umbau
Heinzel RST Umbau
Heinzel RST Umbau
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250 PS / 3.6L